2018 Texas Convention

In March we held the Travis County Democratic Party Convention and it was a great success. We met and held our precinct conventions, met with our caucuses, and reviewed our voter’s resolutions. We got a lot done but there is still more to be done!

We met in our senate districts and held our precinct conventions. During our precinct conventions we elected delegates for the State Convention. These delegates are everyday Travis County Democrats that have volunteered to represent us at the State Level. We here in Travis County sends the biggest delegation in the state, being that we are home to State Senate District 14 (Sen Kirk Watson), which is the largest, bluest district you can find in the great state of Texas. If you would like to review the list of delegates, click here.

We also reviewed all the resolutions Travis County Voters sent in. Our Resolutions Committee went over the resolutions and sent them to the floor to be voted on. The approved resolutions have been sent to the State Convention Resolutions Committee.  The approved resolutions and the report can be viewed here.

We have a guide for delegates, both new and old, created by our very own Andre Treiber, current SDEC member. It is very informative on delegate related business and we encourage you to read it. It is available here. 

What Do We Do at the State Convention?

    • We can take this as an amazing opportunity to organize with people statewide.
    • We can improve the TDP platform.
    • We can improve the TDP rules.
    • We can pass resolutions that reflect our Democratic values.
    • We elect our statewide party officers.
    • We elect people to the State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC).
    • We can meet our elected officials and candidates from across the state.
    • We can meet our fellow Democrats from across the state.
    • We can show up in large numbers as proud Texas Democrats.

It is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with other passionate Democrats, as well as hear empowering speeches from statewide leaders. Bell County Democrats will be posting live on all their social media accounts. Please follw on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

2018 Texas Democratic Convention

Thursday to Saturday
June 21 to 23, 2018

Ft. Worth Convention Center
1201 Houston St,
Fort Worth, TX 76102

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